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Chart a course for success; our analyses help leading brands see where to focus

We accelerate growth through data and information

With our industry leading network of experts and honed research skills we shed light on untapped opportunities.

We offer custom research that is precisely scoped to your strategic market objectives. We cut straight to the core of the issues and give timely and high-quality insights that drive decision making.

Join us at the cutting edge of research into new drug modalities and ensure you are ahead of the curve in the fastest emerging areas of drug development.

10 yrs+ of life science experience
Network of 25,000+ engaged experts
Portfolio of 250+ niche life science conferences
Access to Beacon, Hanson Wade's clinical trial and preclinical pipeline database

Our network

Our relationships with decision makers at all stages of development, and across multiple therapeutic areas, means we can help target our research to specific audiences and generate the best quality of insight.

Scientific insights

All our team are, by training, scientists first and foremost. By talking the language of the market and we can extract high value information from the nuanced and complex landscape of new drug research. We know our WEE-1 from our PD-1.

Specific, structured data

Beacon is a renowned provider of precise preclinical & clinical data for specific drug modalities. The richness of data and sophisticated ontologies allow Hanson Wade Intelligence to leverage this into granular market landscapes, quickly and flexibly.

A trusted research partner to power your next breakthrough.

We work in collaboration with our clients to ensure that they get custom research that precisely matches their needs.


Whether you’ve got a fully-fledged RFP or a persistent business question that just won’t go away, our first step is always to find time for a call to really understand the context and the objectives that underpin your request


Our proposal will include a detailed breakdown of our research methods, so you know how we intend to tackle the problem. We’ll also provide a transparent breakdown of our expected timelines and costs, so you have complete visibility right from the start


Once a project is underway, we are committed to keeping you abreast of how the project develops, after all no one likes surprises. Weekly check ins also provide a window to adapt and refine our approach based on market feedback


When the project is complete, we’re not the sort of team who hand over the deliverables and wave goodbye. We’ll take the time to provide you with a full appreciation of the findings and formally present them to broader stakeholder groups as required

Download client case study

Quest Diagnostics were looking to better understand what biopharma companies in precision medicine are looking for when choosing diagnostic and laboratory service providers.

We designed a bespoke qualitative research project to provide them with Voice of Customer insights on:

  • their criteria when selecting laboratory service providers
  • how they search and evaluate vendors
  • their expectations from a partnership
  • their contracting and working experience with providers

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